Chiropractic Care for Young Athletes


The current generation of children are more athletic than ever before.  According to The Center for Kids First, 30 million to 40 million children get involved in organized sports in the course of a year. Whether your little one is just starting out in pee-wee football, or you have a teenager in any and every high school sport activity, your young athlete is bound to get injured. Even though the old adage is that, “kids bounce back quickly after a fall or injury,” don’t dismiss your child’s minor athletic injuries, especially during the crucial years of their musculoskeletal development.
Regular chiropractic care can benefit young athletes in several ways. Even if your child escapes during the season with just a few minor bumps and bruises, a chiropractic adjustment will help realign the spine, especially after lot of activity and when their developing bodies may be pushed harder than normally.
And not only can chiropractic care treat misalignments, but also can be preventive health against major injuries from occurring.
  • Prevent injury. When bodies are properly aligned, then we have a decreased chance of injury.
  • Prevent sickness. Proper alignment of the spine, balances the nervous system and immune system. A compromised health can lead to poorer performance and missed practice.
  • Ensure peak performance. Think about how much precision it takes to throw a baseball. If the body is misaligned just a little bit, it could vastly affect an athlete’s skills.
Proper health, nutrition and equipment are vital to success in any sports activity. Chiropractic care is another vital way to protect a young athlete from injury and give them the best opportunity to perform at their peak.