Get Moving Monday: New Year, New You!

Well, the New Year has arrived and you’re sitting down thinking about how you’re going to make this year the best by getting fit. You can do this by making your health your number one priority to start each and every day. No more excuses, no more putting yourself on the back burner while you take care of everyone else. This is your year! Here are the Fab 5 ways that you can begin making the new you!

1. Walking

You can start by getting up out of that chair and simply walking for 15 minutes everyday. This will not cost you any money or any gym membership. Just get moving. If you have not exercised in a long time, this is a great goal for you.


Start out small and work your up. Most beginners will start out all gung ho and do too much exercise too quickly. They soon end up hurt – or worse: disheartened because they can not even make it to the end of the block. Really, you can do this. Get up, put on some comfortable clothes (extra clothing if you live the cold areas of our county) and supportive shoe, and head out the door. Start with 15 minutes in the morning for 3 days a week. Keep doing this for 3-4 weeks, and gradually add 5 more minutes to your time every walk. You’ll be amazed at how your body responds and how your attitude changes towards everything in your life.

2. Resistance Training

What is wonderful about this type of training is that you can do it anywhere. All you need is a little space and a piece of tubing to help develop strength and flexibility and gain a little rev up metabolism in the process. There are different strengths of tubing that you can try out, and the prices of the tubing is very reasonable and affordable.

When you train with tubing, you should be able to perform one set of 8-12 repetitions. If you are a more advanced exerciser, 12-20 repetitions will give you that added edge to your performance. During the resistance training, remember to allow your muscles to go through the full range of motion. This way, you will increase your flexibility and strength for the muscle group you are working.

Example: Bicep Curl

Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Grip your band by the handles, with elbows in at your side. Start with your hands and waist level and slowly curl up the handle, keeping your wrists straight to isolate the bicep muscle. Repeat 8-12 times for beginners. For more advanced exercise, do 12-20 repetitions. Enjoy the ease, and you’ll feel the difference as you progress.


3. Yoga Poses

Most people know that yoga can improve flexibility and reduce stress. While those benefits are certainly powerful reasons to start practicing, there are other health perks of yoga that go far beyond becoming more Zen and bending yourself into a pretzel. It can strengthen your digestion, improve mood and brain function, lessen food cravings and increase blood supply throughout the body.

Example: Plank Pose

Are you tired of doing sit-up after sit-up? A great and powerful move is the plank pose, which hits the core and fires every muscle that is connected to the core. It not only hits the core, but it will focus on the arms, chest and shoulders. When you attempt this move, don’t be surprised when you also feel your glutes come into play. To do the plank pose, bring your head down in line with your spine. Then bring your knees off the floor and hold.


Triangle Pose

This move stretches the whole body from the tip of your fingers to your calf muscles. It opens up your chest and allows you to strengthen and lengthen your entire body. Focus on your breathing, and this pose will end up being of your favorites. Start out holding the triangle pose for 10 seconds. If you can, place your lower hand all the way to the floor. If you have difficulty, simply try a yoga block to assist with this move.


Tree Pose
If you are looking for overall balance and grace, the Tree Pose is a wonderful place to start. To make it easier, pick out a spot on the floor to look at to help you hold your balance. Start this pose by placing your foot beside your ankle. Focus on your breath, and slowly bring that foot to your calve, then to your knee, and finally up to your thigh, as the picture shows. This pose will increase your overall balance and peace. Relax and breathe.





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