Wellness Wednesday: The Importance of a Good Multi-Vitamin

You may think that you’re taking care of yourself by eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly. Would you be surprised to learn that there is probably something you are leaving out of your daily routine that could keep you healthy?

Most people actually do not get an adequate amount of vitamins that are recommended from their daily food intake. Even people who are eating the recommended daily allowance of fruits and veggies are possibly not getting what they need.

“Taking a daily multi-vitamin can help to keep you healthy and prevent terrible health problems…”

Because of the way our food is grown and processed, and what we do to it by cooking it, most of our food has lesser nutrients than those same foods had in years prior. As an example, a recent study showed that in 1960, one cup of spinach equated to about SEVEN cups of spinach today. Unbelievable!

While doctors recommend 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables each day, more is always better. Less than 20% of people even get HALF the proper nutrients per day. It is a pretty shocking number.Taking a daily multi-vitamin can help to keep you healthy and prevent terrible health problems like heart disease and cancer. Besides helping to avoid health problems, taking a multi-vitamin will help you get the recommended amount of vitamins and nutrients, and will help replace nutrients that are missing from the food that you are eating.

Because they are daily supplements, they also help to make the vitamins you are getting more consistent which will help regulate your body. This will help your cells to be efficient, and will activate enzymes to make your cells function in the best way possible.

Doctors have amassed decades and decades of research to learn that there is a distinct link between getting the recommended amount of vitamins in your diet and the chance of specific diseases. These studies have been verified by dozens of doctors all over the world.

Doctors have reported that the specific lack of the vitamins B-6 and B-12 put you at risk for heart problems and cardiovascular issues, as well as several types of cancer. If you have insufficient levels of Vitamin D you will lose bone mass and break bones more often and if you have low levels of Vitamins E, A or C you are often at risk for a variety of diseases as well.

“Taking a daily multivitamin can help you make up the difference…”

It isn’t even always possible to get all of the vitamins and minerals that you need from food today since most of our foods now are produced in bulk, are processed, and aren’t grown local to our homes. Nutrients disappear over time and nutrient loss means even if we are doing our best to get what we think is the recommended daily amount; we may not quite get there. This is why a multivitamin can be so helpful.

There are many reasons why our food is not as healthy as it once was, including the farming methods we mentioned. Also, often our fruits and vegetables are grown in foreign countries, with lower standards or with lengthy travel time that allows valuable nutrients to dissipate. Food processing, and the simple act of cooking fruits and vegetables erases much of the nutritional value from our foods.

Farming procedures have changed over the past few decades, leaving our vegetables and fruits with less nutritional value. Because food is being produced on such a mass scale, we wind up with soil that has fewer nutrients in it. Farmers are even burning fields to quickly get rid of what they aren’t going to use so that they can replant, instead of taking their time, and eventually using a tiller to reinvigorate the soil with new life.

Farmers are also mostly using fertilizers full of chemicals to control weeds and pests, instead of natural animal bi-products which actually infused our soil with nutrients. Oftentimes, food is picked before it is fully ripe because of the demand for it, so that some of the healthy antioxidants don’t get into the food. If produce isn’t fully ripe it can’t reach its full potential.

The latest guidelines actually recommend that a person get up to thirteen servings of fruits and vegetables per day! This number is dependent on how many calories you eat per day, but obviously most of us are not doing enough to stay in the best shape possible

It is best to assume, even if you are getting the recommended 5-7 servings of vegetables per day that you may not be getting the vitamins and nutrients that you need. While eating healthy foods and making positive choices is always the best approach, for many people it is not only difficult, but almost impossible to get everything they need into their daily diets. Make sure that you and your family are doing everything that you possibly can to help keep disease away! Taking a daily multivitamin can help you make up the difference to ensure that you are healthy and making the best choice for your body.

Source: http://idealbite.com/daily-multivitamin/


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