Wellness Wednesday: What’s So Important About Wellness Wednesday Anyway?

Wellness Wednesdays. Noun.  One day each week to intentionally make healthy choices easier for yourself and those around you; mid-point to explore new ideas and options to live well.

Changes we need to make to improve our health often seem just too overwhelming.  People who have been successful in transitioning to healthier living and sustaining that behavior will share those lifestyle changes typically started with small, intentional steps of just doing the next right thing rather than a massive overhaul in behaviors.

That’s what Wellness Wednesdays is all about! It is one day to intentionally take a small step that can lead to new habits that improve your quality of life.  Simply choosing to drink more water on Wednesdays by making sure you carry a bottle of water with you all day. Making the decision to bring fruit for a snack at work to rather than doughnut just for that one day.

Wellness Wednesdays is an opportunity to shift culture on health and wellness with small, intentional steps. Wellness Wednesdays can offer us all a mid-point to our week to take inventory on our health and the choices we make daily, at times without even thinking.  This midweek check point can be time to reflect and redirect not just what we eat but also the direction life is going, re-evaluating how we are coping with stress and intentionally taking the small steps that can lead to big changes in our lives and those we impact.

Start with yourself. Pledge to make a small difference to improve your health by making one healthier choice every Wednesday. Be a role model! Starting this endeavor will not only improve your health but may have every person in your home wanting to make a better choice as well. Be the voice of change! Expand to your office, community, and/or relationships. Bring fruit to the next board meeting instead of cookies. Initiate an evening walk around the neighborhood with your neighbors.
Surrounding yourself with like-minded people and encouraging one another is the best way to continue changing to a healthier lifestyle.

Don’t know where to start? Start right here. Every Wednesday we share a blog with ideas to get you motivated and tips to start living a healthier life. Start with one small change and soon it will be spilling over into everyday and become a healthy habit.

Sources: http://mowerrefreshed.org/wellness-wednesday-work/


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